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84 Charing Cross Road - Helene Hanff I loved the movie that came from this set of letters, but in themselves I was a bit disappointed. The book is a very quick read, and the letters are actually only half of the length of the book. The second half is a diary kept by Helene Hanff during her eventual trip to London, which happens long after the people she was corresponding to had gone their own ways or died. The bookshop is no more, and I found it rather sad that she had waited until everything/everyone was gone. As jarring a person as I found her to be in voice, I thought us the same in emotion. Love of books, reaching out to people she really doesn't know but wanting that attachment, and her obsession and need (no other word for it really) to see London. Her reaction to London mirrors mine unlike no one else's. She marvels at walking through the same doorway that Shakespeare walked through; leaned her head against the same wall that he must have leaned his head against. Elizabeth must have sat on this very step, etc. The physical need to touch something. I completely understand.