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My Wicked, Wicked Ways - Errol Flynn, Jeffrey Meyers I've waited a few years to read this book. Was it worth the wait? Yes. Unlike any autobiography I've read before, you finish thinking you really know the person as if you'd hung around with him for awhile. I'm sure he was a very likeable guy, but he also would have been like that exasperating friend we've all had at some point in our lives. Tall tales, unbelievable claims, name dropping, one upmanship, etc., but you can't dislike him. You have to take this personality as it is. He is a fantastic writer, I'll give him that. Claims of self-education with well educated parents, emancipated minor who sets out on all sorts of adventure- it all comes out in a worldly bit of writing. Very enjoyable, though it does get tiring after a bit. Worth reading anyway.