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The Story of Mankind (Newbery Medal Edition) - Hendrik Willem van Loon I absolutely loved this book. Even if you are interested in history, you can't possibly learn it all. This book hits the most important highlights of world history with just enough in-depth information to let you figure out if you want to do further reading into particular topic. I like the storytelling way it is written,Van Loon adds a smattering of wit to keep it from being dry and unreadable as history can be. It may perhaps be a bit dated from a scientific standpoint, just because it was written a long time ago, but that is easily overlooked and may even add a bit of charm to the book. The copy I bought was a 1939 pocketbook print, but I have now bought an illustrated copy that has been updated to include the breakup of the USSR. I'm looking forward to flipping through the pictures and reading the updated bits just to see if the feel of the original book has been kept. I believe the additions were partly written by the original author's son and one other person.