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Pure - Andrew Miller As the two stars denote, this book was okay. That's about it. You aren't really asked to have any feelings for the characters, some of what may be the most interesting parts of the story are written so vaguely that you can't be sure what really happened, and the story just tended to "happen." The only plot of the story was for the engineer to remove the graveyard and church. Beyond the story itself, the writing style was mildly irritating. Throughout the book, on every page, the author uses commas rather than the word "and," as if he was taught that this was the proper way to do it. Sometimes it is done just to repeat what is said using different wording. While not wrong, it did get on my nerves because it made the reading very choppy and difficult. It also seemed that he did not know the meaning or usage of some words, such as "What baroques even a mind like his is capable of." Now, I know what baroque means, and it can tend to be vague, but I just can't make it fit in this sentence. This was not the only instance of words just not fitting. I bought this for my Kindle, and will be deleting it. It was not good enough to ever read again.