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Devoured - D.E. Meredith I'm never sure what to do with a mystery. Can I just sit back and enjoy it, or am I supposed to be trying to solve it? Not knowing the answer to that plays havoc with my rating. I loved the subject matter of Devoured. It is set in mid nineteenth century London at the time natural sciences are developing and the public are being exposed to all that means. Some are not happy about it. I won't give away more than that.

My problem with rating it is that I loved the subject matter, but would a regular reader of the mystery genre agree that it was a well written mystery? I don't know. Unlike a few that I know I didn't like, it didn't conclude with an unknown outside character being the culprit for some last minute made up reason. I saw a few reviews that were unhappy about how it unfolded, but I thought it was plausible and an enjoyable read.