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Tipping the Velvet - Sarah Waters This book kept my interest in the same way that a story about goat herding at the bottom of the ocean might. A completely new subject to me, vivid detail, surprising plot line, you get the picture (yes, you do!) It really was a good read. If I'd had longer blocks of time in which to read, I would have sailed through it in no time, I'm sure, but as it was, I had no trouble picking it back up and immediately being drawn in again. The whole way through, I kept wondering what the author was planning for the end. It had to have a twist so as to avoid the story being anti-climatic; unfortunately, this is where I was let down and why it did not get that all impressive fifth star. I got to the final bit and just thought, "oh." Still, it was only the final few pages,and the rest was good enough to carry it. I know there is another book by the author called "Fingersmith." Whether or not it completes the story in some fantastic fashion, or it is completely unrelated, I'm not sure. Only one way to find out...