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Dodger - Terry Pratchett,  Stephen Briggs I've never even considered using half star ratings, that's too wishy washy for me, but look out for the suds! Terry Pratchett leaves me struggling every time I read his work. I want to like it, I do like it, but...

Three and a half stars. I more than just liked it, but didn't "really" like it. Fuzzy, I know. I very much liked the setting, because I am all about London history, and find the movers and shakers of the time endlessly fascinating. "Dodger" has those elements in abundance. His story is interesting and fresh, it has everything going for it- and somehow I end up losing enthusiasm before it's over. I think the main thread of the story just gets lost for such long periods of time that it becomes meaningless and just propped up by the setting and characters. There's my wish and wash.