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Emmerdale Farm, The Legacy - Lee MacKenzie The farmer dies, leaving the farm to his estranged son who had escaped to London eight years previously, rather than his family who has worked the farm all along. This is the story of Jack, the son, who has come home and has to face his new circumstances back on the farm, as well as the life he had been living.

Having watched the television series for years, but not knowing how the story started, it was easy to see the countryside and the people that I was reading about. It's a very simple, dare I say...wholesome, story. It's well told, using the vernacular that I've become accustomed to.

It took me less than a day to read, as it is a very short book, but now I'd like to read more of the series- which may be a shame as they are so old it may be hard to find without actively hunting them down.