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The Monk - Matthew Gregory Lewis As the two stars indicate, "it was okay." The writing was beautiful, as typical of the era and genre (18th century, Gothic), but I also found it typically confusing as to who the characters are and who is being spoken about. Many times I would have to go back a few pages to figure out what was happening. It was also a bit anticlimactic in that the suspense builds ever so slowly through several chapters, and when the actual event happens, it just...happens. I single vague sentence, and it is over. I'll have to repeat myself; this is typical of the Gothic genre, at least. Dracula and Dorian Gray were the same way. The writing is brilliant, but you just have to get used to the anticlimax or be let down. I think it would be interesting to keep this story intact, including the older language, but update it for style for modern tastes. I think that would have earned it two more stars.