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Revenge - Stephen Fry Ah, how to give my opinion without sounding like I'm being paid for it? This was a terrific book, not just because it was written by Stephen Fry, but because it was well executed and exciting from cover to cover. I mean that literally; it is unusual for me to read all prefacing and afterward material, but luckily I did, for it held some surprises. I won't ruin it for anyone by explaining further, and maybe others are more clever than I am and won't find the information such a revelation. Anyway, "Revenge" is a modern day re-telling of The Count of Monte Cristo, at least the abridged version. I found it just as interesting at the original "Count." It won't be a classic, it just isn't written that way, but I think it stands up very well to it.

I wanted to give it five stars, but had to stick to my usual standards. The positive and the negative of this book are one in the same. "Modern re-telling." On the one hand, it makes the book very accessible and easy to read. The story is very good, and we can all relate to it, which is nice. But on the downside, because of the updating, including technology, it is already outdated. Have I lost you yet? One can speak of a thousand years of music, and people understand. Eight track tapes are a part of that same music, and relatively speaking, are of the modern age- but it puts you at a pretty specific point in time- which we now laugh about. For that same reason, this won't become a classic, and it will suffer more and more as time goes on. But I still loved it- for now. I meant to get rid of the book when I was finished reading, but I think I'll hang on to it for a while.