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48 Hours in London: London Travel Guide - John Jones Oh, I'm so glad I didn't pay for this. I'd lay my money down and bet that this author is not British, and not very old. It doesn't much matter to me, but it did affect the tone of the book. Unfortunately, I could have written this book myself, with the type of information that was given. It skimmed the history of London itself, and hit the highlights of attractions, and to be fair, I think that is what it set out to do. It just got tiresome when everything was referenced back to a few musical groups that might have been and done such and such, or "What would the Beatles have thought of that?" Totally out of place for the most part. I did question his (several) statements that The Beatles were somehow "of" London. Petty gripes, maybe, but it just seemed odd. Also, I read the Kindle edition, and it was not edited very well and got continually worse as it went on. Silver lining: it didn't take long at all to get through.